Coming beers

We are inspired by the nature and many of our beers are a dedication to Moroccos nature and wild life. Our plan is to brew a first line with three standard beers and then a rotating list of beers that are more experimental. We use malt, hops, yeast and water in all beers but do also use local ingredients such as dates, honey and seasonal fruits.

Mirage Ale

Typical light ale brewed with cascade hops with a slight fruity note and is suitable during the summer. ABV (alocohol by volume) 4.5 %, IBU (international Bitter Units) about 40.

Mighty Moulouga IPA

India Pale Ale has a bit more hop and flavour than an ale. This IPA is brewed with typical hops such as centennial and cascade. The malt base is barley malt with a small addition of wheat malt. Moulouga river is one of Moroccos biggest rivers and known for the flamingos that have their habitat in northern Moulouga. ABV is 5.8 % and IBU 60


This beer is dedicated to Ouaga3000 which was brewed in Burkina Faso and sold at restaurant L`Annexe a Ouaga. It´s a hoppy double IPA.


4167 DIPA

ouble India Pale Ale is brewed with more malt and more hops than regular IPA. Double IPA is sometimes called Imperial IPA as well. The beer is named after the highest mountain in Morocco, Jebel Toubkal which reaches 4167 meters over the sea level. Lots of hops is giving the bitterness and also the fruity notes and that is balancing the high malt level. 4167 has 7 % ABV and 90 IBU.

Bricklayers Tripple

Belgium is famous for their beers and we do also brew a tripple which is a stronger ale. Less hops than an IPA but stronger malt body which gives this beer it´s ABV on 8.5 %. The yeast is important for the taste and the added sugars contributes to the dry finish. Hallertauer Mittlefruh and in small amounts gives a subtle nose of dried fruit and a IBU of 40.